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  • IntelliJ IDEA Live Templates

    Mar 4, 2020

    IntelliJ IDEA allows you to save some keyboard strokes by quickly inserting code that you use frequently. This feature is called live templates (similar to user snippets in Visual Studio Code).

  • SDKMAN! on Windows

    Dec 7, 2019

    SDKMAN! manages multiple versions of Java related SDKs. In its homepage, it says it runs on any UNIX based platform, but I gave it a try on Windows and it works quite fine there too.

  • IntelliJ IDEA

    Sep 9, 2019

    Extensions, themes and configuration for IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Debugging Docker with IntelliJ IDEA

    Mar 26, 2017

    In this post we’ll create a small Java application, run it inside a Docker container, and use IntelliJ IDEA to debug. This is a rather large post, so take your time.

  • Linting with Checkstyle

    Mar 12, 2017

    Code is going to be written once but read many times. A consistent coding style across the entire code base is important to increase readability and maintainability. Luckily, there are tools that can help to define and enforce such styling rules. From mere cosmetics up to nasty code smells, static code analysis can help increase the quality of your code. I wrote some posts on static code analysis in JavaScript a bit more than a year ago (which in the JavaScript world means the tools are now different, ESLint instead of JSCS/JSHint). In this post we’ll see the Checkstyle tool in the Java world, how to use it with TeamCity and IntelliJ and finally a few words about SonarQube.

  • Functional Testing - Dealing with failed tests

    Jul 23, 2016

    In the previous post, we wrote some functional tests and we encountered our first failing test. Let’s see how we can go about investigating these failures, both on a developer machine and during continuous integration.

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