• How to create self-signed certificates

    If you need a certificate for development purposes, you can generate one by yourself. This post shows how to do it step by step.

  • IntelliJ IDEA Live Templates

    IntelliJ IDEA allows you to save some keyboard strokes by quickly inserting code that you use frequently. This feature is called live templates (similar to user snippets in Visual Studio Code).

  • Troubleshooting java.lang.VerifyError

    Yesterday I got an exception I hadn’t seen before, java.lang.VerifyError.

  • Emoji in bash prompt

    I saw this in a colleague’s laptop the other day. He had his bash prompt configured to show a black arrow when things are okay and a red arrow when the last command failed. I fiddled around with my bash prompt to achieve something similar.

  • GW-Basic in Docker

    This is one of those just for fun projects, doing it to see if it can be done. Can I put GWBASIC.EXE inside a Docker image?

  • GitLab recipes

    Another year, another CI tool. Due to work changes, I’m exploring GitLab for the first time. Here are some basic snippets I used recently and my first impression of the tool.

  • Docker Hub automation

    I have a git repository that contains various Docker files. I hacked a script that builds and pushes the images (which is straightforward enough) but also updates the description of the images on Docker Hub.

  • Windows Docker and paths

    I use Docker Toolbox at home, as my laptop is running Windows Home and therefore cannot run Docker Desktop. Sometimes, mounting volumes can get tricky.

  • My open source pull requests

    I thought of tracking down the pull requests I’ve written for open source projects and keep them listed here for reference. Here goes nothing.

  • SDKMAN! on Windows

    SDKMAN! manages multiple versions of Java related SDKs. In its homepage, it says it runs on any UNIX based platform, but I gave it a try on Windows and it works quite fine there too.

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