ResxTranslator is an open source project that facilitates easy translation of resx files. Resx files are XML files that .NET uses to store localizable strings. Visual Studio offers a built-in designer but MonoDevelop currently doesn’t offer support for resx files. In addition to that, ResxTranslator is able to open multiple files in the same window, so that a user can translate strings while looking at the original text at the same time. Oh, and it is at this moment developed only by me when I have some time to spare :-)

At this moment ResxTranslator offers two separate UIs: one for Windows only, built using Windows Forms and one for Mac OS X and Linux, built using Gtk#. The project is in alpha version but it should offer basic capabilities. The following screenshots demonstrate the usage of ResxTranslator, shown in Ubuntu 10.10:

This is the initial view of the Gtk UI of ResxTranslator, in Ubuntu 10.10. Clicking the open button opens up the standard file open dialog, shown in the following screenshot:

Two files are selected: the default resources (labels.resx) and the greek translation (labels.el.resx). By the way these are the actual resx files of the BlogEngine.NET project.

In the following screenshot the two files are loaded and displayed in parallel for easy translation.

The “action” resource has not been yet translated to Greek. Clicking on the cell switches to edit mode where it is possible to fill-in the translated value:

Clicking the Save button will save the changes to disk.

So far only this simple editing is supported; there is no support yet for adding new keys. Also, the Gtk version needs to be compiled from its sources, there is no binary package available at this time.