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  • Custom Tooling

    A catalog of custom tooling I’ve written. yak4j stands for yak shaving for Java.

  • Project Setup

    Setting up a project, creating a pipeline, automatic deployments, etc.

  • Kafka Windows Service Wrapper

    TL;DR: I created a wrapper for Apache Kafka so that it can be installed as a Windows Service. In this post I also describe a bit what Kafka is.

  • A quickstart Maven archetype for Java 8

    As a Maven rookie, I often use the quickstart archetype from Maven when I want to create a new Maven project. Unfortunately, that archetype is a bit outdated, which means I have to tweak some details before I can actually use it. I guess I got a bit tired of this and I thought I could create my own archetype that is ready to use.

  • Extracting code metrics from git

    TL;DR: I wrote a bash script that walks through your git repository history and calculates number of commits, number of merged pull requests, number of files and total number of lines of code, broken down per month.

  • Introducing generator-csharp-cli-app

    In the weekend I experimented with Yeoman and I created my first generator. This is also the first time I publish a package to the official npm repository, so double fun.

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC - Progress update

    Here’s a short update on what I’ve been working on. Time is a bit limited but I like to hack around in this project and that’s what it’s all about!

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC - Posts and Pages

    In the latest commit on BlogEngine.NET MVC, which is always available here, the following have been added:

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC - Login time

    It’s not difficult to implement a basic login system. BlogEngine.NET comes with its own membership and roles providers, so all we need to do is create a controller that uses the standard Membership features of .NET.

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC - Hello world

    So, to share a bit more of my excitement, here’s a screenshot of the classic ASP.NET and the MVC versions running side by side:

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC

    Finally, I got to play with ASP.NET MVC for a real project at work. I really enjoyed it, but it lasted only for a few weeks.

  • w3c-nant version 1.2.0 released

    Version 1.2.0 of w3c-nant was released today. This version contains some improvements submitted by Rob Richardson:

  • w3c-nant version 1.1.1 released

    Short after releasing version 1.1.0, a new bug-fix version is been released.

  • w3c-nant version 1.1.0 released

    A new version for w3c-nant was released today. What is new in this version:

  • Extending NUnit: NUnit Companion

    I have several test fixtures (test classes) written in NUnit that verify my data layer works against a live database (MSSQL). By live I mean that there is no mocking or anything like that - that’s for the higher layers where I mock the data layer.

  • Announcing w3c-nant version 1.0.2 - now with FTP upload task!

    I added a new NAnt task in the w3c-nant library to allow FTP uploads. Using the same fileset mechanism as the copy task, you can create powerful scripts to automate deploying in a remote FTP server. Or at least that’s what I’m using it for!

  • BuzzStats 1.2

    Μια εκκρεμότητα που είχε μείνει εκεί από την αρχή του BuzzStats ήταν ο χειρισμός των θαμμένων σχολίων. Μόλις ένα σχόλιο θαβόταν από τους χρήστες του Βuzz, το BuzzStats απλά το έχανε. Τώρα μπορεί να ανιχνεύει και τα θαμμένα σχόλια τα οποία εμφανίζονται σε ξεχωριστή στήλη στα στατιστικά των χρηστών.

  • BuzzStats 1.1

    Το παραμελημένο project BuzzStats ζει και βασιλεύει! Έμεινε βέβαια ένα μήνα χωρίς δεδομένα (το έφαγε η μετακόμιση) αλλά επανήλθε.

  • SystemWebCompanion

    In many ASP.NET web applications, there are some small bits of code that you have to write over and over again. They’re too small so you never bother to refactor them out as a reusable dll. After all they are so small that it’s very fast to create from scratch again. They end up as a Utils.cs file somewhere in your project, probably repeated in all your projects in one form or another.

  • Valid HTML and Valid CSS

    This blog (and this site in general) has two nice image buttons at the end of the page, saying that the HTML and CSS are valid. Are they really?

  • BuzzStats - A new pet project

    This week I’ve been very busy with my new pet project, BuzzStats. BuzzStats is an application that collects data from Buzz, a popular social bookmarking Greek speaking community.

  • ResxTranslator: a resx file editor

    ResxTranslator is an open source project that facilitates easy translation of resx files. Resx files are XML files that .NET uses to store localizable strings. Visual Studio offers a built-in designer but MonoDevelop currently doesn’t offer support for resx files. In addition to that, ResxTranslator is able to open multiple files in the same window, so that a user can translate strings while looking at the original text at the same time. Oh, and it is at this moment developed only by me when I have some time to spare :-)

  • ScrumCard

    I made my first “hello world” Windows Mobile Phone application today. It’s called ScrumCard. ScrumCard is a simple mobile phone application that simulates poker planning for Scrum. So if you forgot your poker planning cards, you can use this app to show your team your estimate of the story points.

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