Finally, I got to play with ASP.NET MVC for a real project at work. I really enjoyed it, but it lasted only for a few weeks.

I decided to dig into it a bit more, as a learning exercise at first. I started working on implementing BlogEngine.NET as an MVC project, keeping the same core but with a different frontend. I coded away a little bit during the weekend and made great progress fast.

I’ll try to re-create that work publicly and extend it, on a fork available on CodePlex. As I add more code, I’ll be blogging about it here.

The code committed so far contains pretty much nothing:

  • an empty MVC project
  • the solution upgraded to Visual Studio 2012 format
  • the existing web project using IIS Express
  • NuGet Package Restore enabled (to avoid committing all the package binaries)

In the end of this project, if it is successful, I’ll use it to run my site (eat your own dogfood and all that).