Posts tagged with BlogEngine.NET MVC

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC - Progress update

    Here’s a short update on what I’ve been working on. Time is a bit limited but I like to hack around in this project and that’s what it’s all about!

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC - Posts and Pages

    In the latest commit on BlogEngine.NET MVC, which is always available here, the following have been added:

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC - Login time

    It’s not difficult to implement a basic login system. BlogEngine.NET comes with its own membership and roles providers, so all we need to do is create a controller that uses the standard Membership features of .NET.

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC - Hello world

    So, to share a bit more of my excitement, here’s a screenshot of the classic ASP.NET and the MVC versions running side by side:

  • BlogEngine.NET MVC

    Finally, I got to play with ASP.NET MVC for a real project at work. I really enjoyed it, but it lasted only for a few weeks.

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