2017 is over! It’s time for some graphs and numbers, looking back at the blog’s stats for 2017.


Overall I had 13,934 views and 10,189 visitors.

Top posts

These were the top posts:

The orange line means that these posts were written in 2017. What I find remarkable:

  • the top post has twice the views compared to the second entry, which is actually not a post but the homepage of the blog
  • the post about the smashing dashboard is probably from people trying to repair an actual broken physical dashboard of some sort :)
  • the ASP.NET posts are inexplicably top on the list still

Top countries

These were the top countries:

Greece is not in the top 10, I didn’t expect that :)

Top referrers

Most people stumble upon the blog through search engines:

and from these it’s the social networks I share my posts on.

There are some referrers from a site called kubeweekly.com which mentioned my CD with Helm series in their weekly Kubernetes updates. I was definitely happy that someone other than me read these posts for a change :)

Drilling down the search engines, Google is the winner:

I don’t have insight to the search terms because Google is encrypting them for privacy reasons, according to Wordpress.

Best of wishes for 2018 and I hope to find something interesting to blog about in the next year too!