I’ve been working on the same project since January and up to recently we had been using Visual Studio 2008 with ReSharper 4.5. A few weeks ago, we upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 and ReSharper 5. I don’t know which one is to blame, but the IDE has become a bit slower. Two features in particular are really annoying:

  1. Ctrl+Click to navigate to the declaration of an identifier. This functionality was instantaneous in the previous version. Ctrl, Click, done. In the new version, in the beginning I had thought that it's not supported anymore. But I figured out that there's a small delay. I have to press the Control key, keep it down for almost a second, then the mouse cursor changes into a hand and then I can click. That's really disappointing.
  2. Auto-complete, intellisense, or whatever it's called these days. In the previous version it appeared immediately as I started typing. Now, if I type too fast, it doesn't have enough time to appear so by the time I hit Enter to apply the auto-complete that I know will be applied, I just get only the partially entered input. And then I have to go back, type it again, wait for it, wait for it, ok it appears now I can hit Enter.

As a colleague said when I complained about it: “maybe you’re too fast for your computer then”.