Setting up a project, creating a pipeline, automatic deployments, etc.

Getting all projects

List all your projects with instarepo:

pipenv run python -m instarepo.main -u [USER] -t [TOKEN] --no-forks list

Clone them all with a bit of bash magic:

for repo in $(pipenv run python -m instarepo.main -u [USER] -t [TOKEN] --no-forks lis
t | cut -d\  -f1); do echo git clone[USER]/${repo}.git /tmp/ ; done

To get latest version of all repositories under a common projects folder, you can use another bash script:

for repo in $(ls); do pushd ${repo} ; git pull ; popd ; done

Project checklist

The following files must exist:

  • .gitignore
  • .editorconfig

If this is a library:


Regarding CI, .NET projects should use AppVeyor, other projects should use GitHub Actions.



Bumping version


Last updated: Oct 31, 2021