Extensions, themes and configuration for IntelliJ IDEA.




Configured to use the latest and greatest of my custom rules: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngeor/checkstyle-rules/master/src/main/resources/com/github/ngeor/checkstyle.xml


Some tweaks to align with Checkstyle. The settings are available at: Editor -> Code Style -> Java -> Imports

Set to an arbitrary large number to avoid star imports:

  • Class count to use import with ‘*’: 50
  • Names count to use static import with ‘*’: 50

Import layout:

  • Layout static imports separately: Yes
  • import java.* with subpackages
  • import javax.* with subpackages
  • import org.* with subpackages
  • blank line
  • import all other imports
  • blank line
  • import static all other imports

Automatically download Maven documentation

Build -> Build Tools -> Maven -> Importing

Check automatically download sources and documentation


To reset IntelliJ IDEA, delete the folder starting with .Idea in your home folder.

For example, on the current version the folder is named .IdeaIC2019.2.

Last updated: Sep 9, 2019