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  • Backup Strategy

    Taking a backup was arguably easier back in the days. You had only one computer, your data could fit inside a few floppy disks and the only cloud in your life was the one that would indicate chances of rain later in the afternoon. Things are a bit different today. Nevertheless, the need to preserve your files, your work, and your digital memories, remains the same.

  • Thinning ZFS snapshots

    I have a small mini PC at home that is always turned on. It runs Ubuntu 14.04 (I plan to upgrade to 16.04). It sits at the living room and it doesn’t make any noise, so it acts as a media server. I watch movies and TV series from there. I used 3 external disks, 2TB each, to make a ZFS raidz1 pool of 4TB. What is ZFS you ask?

  • Backup

    Since I’m hosting this website on my own personal home computer, I have the “opportunity” of worrying about my backup strategy. It won’t be the end of the world if something goes wrong, I have other documents that are far more important. But it’s nice to feel that you have accomplished something that makes you feel safe.

    What to backup

    1. I need to backup my subversion repositories. I use subversion as a VCS even for my pet projects. I think that using a VCS even at home is a good idea because you learn to live with it. If you're not doing it already, you should consider it.
    2. I need to backup my web sites. Well that goes without saying. It's a web server so the web content should be backed up somewhere. The main web site that runs Cuyahoga also has a MSSQL database. The - up to this moment - two blogs are using BlogEngine and that doesn't need a database at this point.

    Where to backup

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