Posts tagged with AWS

  • kddbot: JIRA -> Confluence automation

    TL;DR: I implemented a small working poc that shows how to automatically create a Confluence page when a Jira ticket is created.

  • Using AWS ECR as a Docker registry

    In this post, I’ll modify the pipeline from the previous posts to use a Docker registry powered by AWS ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry).

  • Mocking AWS with localstack

    We use AWS at work and I’ve been learning more and more about it. AWS offers so many services it’s even difficult to remember all of them. It’s quite impressive how many things a developer could build upon in order to deliver a scalable solution. The phrase “standing on the shoulders of giants” is quite fitting.

  • How to deploy a smashing dashboard to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Docker

    So, in the previous post we created a fancy dashboard using the smashing framework. Let’s see how we can deploy our dashboard to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using Docker.

  • Keeping it simple with microservices communication

    The term microservice has been getting a lot of hype and attention. I have to admit that I fail to understand what’s the big deal about it. The best practices about microservices are similar to the ones we should apply to everyday software design. Avoid tight coupling. Single responsibility principle. Keeping things simple. Even those principles go back to the old Unix mantra of doing one job and doing it well (and that’s from 1978). And even that could in turn be labelled just “common sense”.

  • Fun project: HipChat integration with AWS Lambda

    TL;DR: I made a hobby project that gets the pull requests that still need code reviews from Bitbucket and posts a notification message on HipChat to inform developers. It’s written in JavaScript (nodeJS). Travis CI automatically deploys it to AWS as a Lambda function. AWS CloudWatch is used to trigger the function hourly.

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