Easily import and organize your photos and videos

photonext is a minimalist Windows application that imports photos from Android devices and organizes them automatically as you desire.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Connect your device.

  2. Run photonext.

  3. Your photos and videos copied to your computer, organized as you prefer.

photonext is available for Windows 10 and supports Android phones and tablets.

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Own your photos

The cloud is everywhere. Photos and videos float from your Android phone into the ubiquitous electronic nebulae and are accessible on any device at the tip of your fingers. But what if you want to copy and backup your photos on your computer? What if you want to organize them by year or month? Enter photonext.

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Ignore what you don’t want

By default, photonext will discover and import all photos and videos from your phone or tablet. You can skip the folders you don’t care about (e.g. thumbnails, animated GIFs). photonext remembers your selection per device.

Select folders

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Configurable rename pattern

By default, photonext will import your photos and videos with their original filename. It is possible however to rename them automatically based on the date they were taken. A date-time based filename can make organization more efficient.

photonext does not impose its own date-time pattern but allows you to choose your own. For example, you can use yyyy-MM-dd HHmmss.ext or dd_MM_yyyy.ext as you wish. photonext remembers your preference so you only have to set this once.

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Organize into folders

By default, photonext will copy your photos to your Pictures folder. It is possible to pick a different folder, but what is more interesting is the ability to automatically import your photos and videos into subfolders based on the date they were taken.

It is possible to create a separate folder per year or, if you prefer, drill down to a separate subfolder per year and then per month.

Destination options

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You can try photonext for up to 10 times. If you decide you want to continue using it, you can buy a license key online easily with PayPal for €9.95.

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Each device is different. If you experience issues importing, you can try the following:

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photonext created by Nikolaos Georgiou.

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