• Project Setup

    Setting up a project, creating a pipeline, automatic deployments, etc.

  • Visual Studio Code

    Extensions, themes and configuration for Visual Studio Code.

  • YAML schema validation with Maven

    Sometimes it feels we’re reinventing the wheel, but with different names. Back in the days, XML was the cool thing. We had XPath as a query language. We had XSLT to transform XML documents into different shapes. We had XSD to validate the schema of XML. We had code generation and validation. We could generate web service clients and servers with WSDL.

  • Kafka cheat sheet

    A cheat sheet for Apache Kafka.

  • API Style Guide

    Using a microservice architecture allows development teams to work separately, delivering work faster and focusing on a specific part of the business domain. Working independently means that developers are free to make their own choices. While that’s great, there’s the risk of building the tower of Babel.

  • Upgrading Dependencies

    This page shows how to upgrade dependencies in various programming languages and dependency management systems.

  • Terraform secrets part 2 - Randomize it

    In a previous post, I used Terraform and Helm to pass the connection string of an Azure CosmosDB database to the service that needs it without storing it anywhere in between. In this post, I’ll do something similar for a PostgreSQL database and beef up the security a bit.

  • From Swagger to Confluence UML diagrams

    TL;DR: During CI, I am generating a UML diagram out of the Swagger definition and I’m publishing it to Confluence.

  • Troubleshooting SSL - missing /root/.postgresql/root.crt

    I run into a problem today trying to connect to an Azure PostgreSQL database. The database enforces SSL connections (“SSL enforce status” = “ENABLED”).

  • Publishing git tags for Maven projects in Bitbucket Pipelines

    Update 2018-11-24: I’ve put together a maven plugin that can also publish git tags in Bitbucket Cloud, plus it checks there are no gaps in a semver sequence. It’s available here.

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