Never send a human do a machine’s job.

  • Docker Hub automation

    I have a git repository that contains various Docker files. I hacked a script that builds and pushes the images (which is straightforward enough) but also updates the description of the images on Docker Hub.

  • Automatically upgrade parent pom

    TL;DR: I wrote a script that discovers git repositories with an outdated parent pom and then it creates a pull request on each repository to set the parent pom version to latest and greatest.

  • From Swagger to Confluence UML diagrams

    TL;DR: During CI, I am generating a UML diagram out of the Swagger definition and I’m publishing it to Confluence.

  • kddbot: JIRA -> Confluence automation

    TL;DR: I implemented a small working poc that shows how to automatically create a Confluence page when a Jira ticket is created.

  • Batch editing WordPress posts

    TL;DR: I had some fun hacking a tiny tool to batch edit posts in my blog in order to fix syntax highlighting of code blocks.

  • Fun project: HipChat integration with AWS Lambda

    TL;DR: I made a hobby project that gets the pull requests that still need code reviews from Bitbucket and posts a notification message on HipChat to inform developers. It’s written in JavaScript (nodeJS). Travis CI automatically deploys it to AWS as a Lambda function. AWS CloudWatch is used to trigger the function hourly.

  • Extracting code metrics from git

    TL;DR: I wrote a bash script that walks through your git repository history and calculates number of commits, number of merged pull requests, number of files and total number of lines of code, broken down per month.

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