A catalog of custom tooling I’ve written. yak4j stands for yak shaving for Java.

Creating a new project

  • instarepo creates a new git repository and activates build pipeline


Getting latest

  • clone-all clones all missing repositories from GitHub or Bitbucket Cloud
  • dirloop runs the same command over multiple directories (e.g. dirloop git pull)
  • yak4j-sync-archetype-maven-plugin Regenerates a project out of its maven archetype and overwrites specific files



Code generation

Code libraries

  • yak4j-xml friendlier wrapper around JAXB which throws unchecked exceptions
  • yak4j-utc-time-zone-mapper mapper between LocalDateTime and OffsetDateTime, can be used together with MapStruct

Testing libraries

Docker Images

I moved all my custom Docker images in a single repository: dockerfiles. Includes images regarding:

  • Deployment with helm, kubectl, terraform
  • nodeJS with headless Chrome
  • Generate diagrams out of swagger definitions and publish them to Confluence Cloud